Supported Living

Oxford Care Services Ltd. is committed in developing and maintaining a high standard of care and support which is tailored to meet the needs of individual people with a learning disability and mental health conditions. We enable people to live within their own accommodation and to lead a lifestyle of their choosing.
The tenant’s interest and safety are of upmost importance to Oxford Care Services Ltd. and the fore front of our services. We ensure that they are fully involved in the day to day running of their home. We encourage tenant’s to give their views and where a person is unable to communicate their needs, their carer, relatives, key worker or advocate will be involved to ensure that their needs are being met.

We can offer a wide range of supported living services, including:

  • Support to access the community with support staff.
  • Support for shopping related tasks.
  • Support in applying for benefits and support with the payment of household bills.
  • Support with self-medication.
  • Support to ensure the individual is taking regular meals.
  • Support with cooking and / or cleaning.
  • Support to complete laundry.
  • Support to complete paperwork / forms.
  • Provide an escort service for example: to attend medical / GP appointments.

Our staff are experts in working with people who have a particular need. We support people learning disabilities, those with profound and complex needs and people with mental health issues.
Tenants can use Oxford Care Services Ltd. for just a few hours a week or 24-hour care. This includes support by providing waking night staff as well as ‘sleep in’ staff (staff that are able to sleep in your home in case you need help during the night).
We will support the person to live in their own home. We will help them to be independent and have choice and control about how they want to live.
We believe that everyone has the right to live how they want. If someone wants to try out a new hobby or activity, we can help find out what is available. If someone wants to be more involved in the local community, we can support them to get out and about.
Each tenant will have a detailed support plan and activity programme which is supported by their key worker and staff team.