End of life care

It can be a traumatic and emotional experience when being told a friend or loved one’s illness is terminal. To then have to seek compassionate, trustworthy and efficient end of life care to help make their final days, weeks and months as comfortable and dignified as possible can be a daunting task. Oxford Care Services understands this and offers comprehensive end of life care services, often referred to as palliative care, to those who have advanced, terminal and progressive conditions. Our service can be put in place quickly and are always tailored to each customer’s needs; considering their symptoms, psychological wellbeing, social requirements or spiritual needs and Oxford Care Services always aims to:
Improve and enhance the customer’s quality of life
• Help our customers live as actively and as independently as possible
• Use a team approach to address the needs of the customer and provide support to their families
• Combine and consider the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the customer’s care service
• Assist with the provision of relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
• Assist with the earlier stages of illness, alongside other therapies that are aimed at easing symptoms and to prolong life
As always, Oxford Care Services will employ and carefully coordinate our most experienced care teams to meet your requirements.
If you would like any further information about the palliative care Oxford Care Services can provide, get in touch with us today!